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Temple Jewellery - Unique South Indian Ornaments

Temple jewellery

What is Temple jewellery ?

Jewelry was used to decorate the idols and Gods and Goddesses in temples of South India is called Temple Jewellery. The sculptures, illustrations and carvings at the temples are extremely intricate, and make for gorgeous additions to these pieces.
Beautiful motifs like peacock, swan, deer, lotus, jasmine, mango, banana designs replicated from temple pillars are also replicated on the jewellery. 
These ornaments are made with gold, silver, brass and adorned with precious and semi precious stones are used in both cut and uncut form.

Gold Plated Jewellery 
Origin of Temple jewellery -

Temple jewellery is said to have originated in the 9th century during Chola, Pandya and the Krishnadeva Raya era. The kinds would donate Gold, silver and precious stones for making jewellery for the God and Goddess. Gradually royals and nobles started using some of these designs on their jewellery.
South Indian classical dancers started wearing temple jewellery for their performances. Slowly temple jewellery started adorning the wardrobe of south Indian brides.

Nowadays modern designs are infused in the Temple jewellery.  Even styles suitable for western attires are made.
How Temple Jewellery is made -

Each piece of the jewellery was painstakingly crafted and polished by hand. It will take several months to complete a full set. However due to advent of modern techniques certain aspects are take care by machine. This significantly reduces the time taken to finish the jewellery.

When to wear Temple jewellery -
Temple jewelry which is worn during dance performances by classical dancers of Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam style dancing.  Kempu stone jewellery with unique designs are part of all classical South Indian dancers.
Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes wealth and prosperity. These ornaments present the Goddess Lamkshmi and is used on special occasions. Temple Jewellery has become part of a South Indian bride's wedding day look.



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