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Hair Accessories design - India

 Hair Accessories design - India

Wearing jewellery in India is a day to day activity like bathing or wearing cloth. You can walk on the streets wearing heavy ornaments and people will hardly stare at you. The culture dates back to more than 5,000 years ago. 

Designs have evolved and perfected over the centuries. Ornaments in the shape of a common fruit , flower or even spices are beautiful examples. From the Maharajas to the common folks they are still available in a wide range of budgets

The Mughals explored style and design using precious stones and intricate carvings. They brought in the technical knowledge required for gem-setting, which is apparent even today.

The Rajputs, on the other hand, had their enameled jewellery patterns. The British loved their intricate flower motifs, bringing in the modern world discovery in design. Such cross-cultural contributions and inspirations are the reason why Indian jewellery is so exclusive.

Hair accessories or jewellery, for bridal decorations , or for the bridesmaid, festivals, special occasions or possibly with indo-western are catching on today.

Most popular Indian hair accessories

Thalaisaamaan / Matha Patti - This traditional headpiece comprises of three ornaments- one is worn on the middle parting whereas the other two are worn on both sides of the head. In Bharatnatyam dance the Thalai samman will come with two little clips – surya and half-chandra, they are so popular even now.

Chutti/ Tikka - Big, statement tikkas which dominate the face have become a rage on the ramp, and weddings 


Jewelled chains

Billai / jewelled hair pins