Thursday, June 12, 2014

Traditional Nethi Chutti / Maang Tikka

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Nethi Chutti are a very typically South Asian accessory, worn by women on their wedding day. Ancinent Hindu culture describes that the maang tikka is not just an adornment but it is a symbol of uniting the male and female for the rest of their life.

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The chutti or tikka is traditionally worn in the parting or any other hairdo. Also known as the tikka bindi it dips onto the forehead and gives an alluring look.

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Nethi Chutti / Mang tikkas are beautiful can be in gold, silver, peals, gems, and temple jewellery stones.
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Elegant single chutti tikka
A simple maang tikka can be worn for a religious or festive occasion which goes well in sync with gorgeous looking lehengas, saris or salwar suits.

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Traditional Nethi Chutti has a chandran and suryan on either side accompanies the center tikka in a most enchanting fashion. Also called suryaprabha and chandraprabha thse ornaments given here not only make the bride beautiful but also bring her health, safety and luck according to ancient Hindu beliefs.

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