Thursday, September 4, 2014

India Anklets - Payal Ankle Jewellery

 The Payal or Kolusu or Pajeb or anklets have been worn from time immemorial and are shown in the sculptures of ancient temples.

Little silver payal is typically the first piece of jewelry that the family gifts to baby girls. The anklets are put so that when they walk around, the parents can keep track of where they are.

Payals are considered to be auspicious for women in South Asia. Apart from their aesthetic value the basic motive of the anklet is to draw attention to the wearers legs and feet.

Anklets come in varying shapes and sizes in present times. From the traditional and rather delicate silver and gold chains, they have developed into beautiful threaded and beaded versions in wood, crystals, semi-precious stones and seashells.

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For heightened impact, fashionistas go in for the anklet and toe-ring sets.

Fashion savvy youngsters all over the world have devised the trend of wearing anklet in one leg. They consider this trend ultra cool.

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