Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ageless Jhumka Earrings

 Ageless Jhumka Ear Ornaments

Jhumkas or chandelier earrings are the Indian traditional earrings popular across the globe for their ethnic charm. Jhumki is one ear ornament which never goes out of fashion.

Vintage, traditional yet gorgeously trendy, the stunning Jhumkas rule all the way.  Since time immemorial wearing earrings or jhumkas have been a much adored style statement.

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Every region has a distinct design of earrings and jhumkis.It is believed that ear piercing stimulate the nerve points and act as acupressure check points.

Be it the Royal Rajstani ear dangles or the ear buttalu or South Indian Jimiki or Bollywood chandelier jhumkas they make the perfect style statement.

In South India the it is traditional for the bride to wear Jhumki with mattal or ear extensions.

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